Bronte pistachio festival

  • Gastronomic event
  • Bronte

09/22/2018 - 10/01/2018

The Pistachio Festival is an event organized every year by the Municipality of Bronte, during which it is possible to taste the precious and genuine pistachio fruit, used by confectioners and restaurateurs to prepare sweet and savory dishes. You can taste it in a hundred stands located in the streets of the town and in the central Piazza Spedalieri.

Penne with pistachio, fresh pasta made with durum wheat flour and pistachio flour, the typical ice cream, delicacy recognized worldwide, and the desserts prepared according to many recipes, are the leading players of this festival, which also offers  entertainment and shows (exhibitions, show cooking, flag-waving performances, musical and folk groups, parades of Sicilian carts, cycling and trekking).