Brontese pennette pasta


A simple and exquisite dish full of history, made by the skilled hands of the housewives from Bronte, with the renowned "green gold" of Etna.

  • Bronte
  • PDO pistachio from Bronte

First course




For two people:

• 170 g g pennette pasta

• 30 g chopped PDO pistachio from Bronte

• 50 g smoked bacon or speck

• 50 g cream

• a shallot or onion

• half a glass of brandy or white wine

• extra virgin olive oil

• salt as required


1. Use a large non-stick pan to prepare the sauce.

2. Brown the finely chopped shallot adding a little water, so that the onion does not burn. Keep the heat low: the Brontese sauce has to be cooked slowly.

3. After a minute, add the bacon (or speck). As soon as it is golden, add the chopped pistachio. Simmer until reduced with half a glass of brandy or white wine.

4. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate and then add the cream. If the sauce is too dry, add some cooking water from the pasta, so as to soften the sauce and make it more creamy. Alternatively, it is also possible to use fresh sheep's ricotta.

5.  Add the sauce to the pasta cooked al dente and stir for a few minutes.

6. Sprinkle with some chopped pistachio  and serve.